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Blue Lotus Flowers, Organic MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil


Blue Lotus (nymphaea caerulea) is the flower of True Divine Beauty, Rebirth & Enlightenment. Blue lotus emerges from the murky depths and blooms above the water's surface in the face of the sun. The blossoms follow the sun for 3-5 days, and then close and resubmerge into the waters in the moonlight.


These mystical flowers, were the most coveted & important ritual plant of ancient Egypt, esteemed for its beauty & enchanting smell, symbolism & inebriating effects. This flower is linked to detailed & visionary concepts of the afterlife & rebirth. Symbolically, this flower stands for enlightened & is a symbol of the divine, all seeing eye. It is suggested that the Ancient Egyptians used the blue lotus to induce a shamanic ecstasy among the high priests & priestesses.


Medicinally, in ancient Egypt the blue lotus was used to treat the liver, remedy constipation, to counteract poisons & to regulate the urine. Blue Lotus is considered to be an aphrodisiac & has an alluring, hypnotic effect.



Prepared on the Leo New Moon & infused by the Leo Sun for 5 days in a rose quartz grid.



This oil may be applied topically as a body oil for beauty & self-love rituals, or you may use as a hair enchantment oil.


Beauty Ritual Body Oil Ritual

Brew a pot of Blue Lotus Tea

Prepare Your Sacred Space

Light a Ritual Candle & Call upon the Spirit of the Blue Lotus

Take a deep breath & take a moment to explore & appreciate the mystical aroma of your Blue Lotus tea.

Meditate with your tea for a few meaningful moments & when you are ready, carefully open your ritual oil & slowly drip the oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together & bring them to heart center. Take a moment to connect with your heart & your intentions. How do you want to feel? How do you want to treat yourself? Begin your ritual by massaging your hands & forearms. Admire your glistening skin & speak kind words to yourself aloud. Speak your loving affirmations aloud as you continue to massage the rest of your body, coating it slowly & lovingly in the Blue Lotus oil. You may choose to also perform your massage while looking in the mirror. This can be a powerful self-love practice. 


Note: if the blossoms are bothering you in application, you can use a tea bag or coffee filter over the mouth of the bottle to strain the oil from the  flowers - but keep the flowers in the bottle to maintain its shelf life. 


Hair Enchantment Oil Ritual


Begin your ritual as described above. Then, lovingly & intentionally massage the Blue Lotus Oil into your scalp & through the length of your hair. Apply generously, & massage with loving sensual energy while speaking (or singing) sincere gratitudes, affirmations & prayers. Imagine yourself a water nymph with blue lotus blossoms in your hair, bathing in the fragrant river nile in the enchanting aroma of the lotuses surrounding you. Allow your hair to soak in the oil for 20 minutes - 1 hour. When your ritual is complete, shower & lightly wash your hair with a natural shampoo, to remove the excess oil. After your shower, close your eyes, while your comb your hair and visualize the desired outcome of your hair enchantment. 


Use 1-2x per week until the bottle is empty. Return any excess petals to the earth or a nearby body of water & thank the Earth for it gifts & magick, to complete your ritual. Wash & reuse your glass bottle or return it to me for a discount on your next order. 


Note: keep your ritual oil out of extreme heat, as it will likely spoil your oil.

Blue Lotus • Ritual Hair & Body Oil

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