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Blue Lotus · Tincture

This sacred sacrament was used traditionally by the ancient Egyptians, specifically revered by the high priests & priestesses for use in vision work, shamanic journeys, opening the third eye & is a euphoric aphrodisiac. This hypnotic plant is considered to be one of the highest vibrational plants on the planet & is elementally / alchemically balanced. When extracted, it is this sparkly lustrous gold color, & has these beautiful conscious fractals patterns. This plant spirit has much to teach us about inner peace, emotional alchemy, & True beauty. Additionally it is a liver tonic and can support us in cleansing our spirits of old resentments, accessing our subconscious and helping us to shed and transform parts of ourselves that no longer serve. 


This medicine was sourced from a family farm in Thailand & is extracted in Organic white rum from Hawaii, which gives this medicine some aloha spirit & a clean, sweet, uplifting energetic.


Warning: this medicine is contraindicated (should not be used) with anti-psychotics or mood stabilizers. 


As with all sacred medicines, please be very thoughtful about your setting. Set an intention, make a prayer or offering to the plant spirit before ingestion. Do not take this medicine casually, as this plant spirit requires respect & reverance. The first time you work with this medicine you are welcome to take 1 full dropper so that you can attune to the energy & frequency of this medicine. Once you are familiar with the medicine, the suggested dosage is 6 drops. 

Blue Lotus · Tincture

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