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This tea is formulated to support your respiratory system - whether you have a cough, athsma, bronchitis, or general tension & difficulty breathing deeply. This tea has expectorant herbs that will help your body have a more productive cough & rid itself of phlegm & infection if present. These herbs will also help to calm the heart & open the lungs, to support deeper breathing. 


Suggested Use:

Prepare as a tea or as a facial steam. If you prepare as a tea, I suggest you breathe in some of the steam from your tea cup - breathing in the volatile oils can support your respiratory healing. 


For teas, steep your herbs for 2 minutes to avoid bitterness. If you have excessive mucus (with a cold or infection) I suggest that you avoid adding any sugar or sweetners to your tea - as this can increase mucus production.  



Mullein, Mugwort, Chamomile, Bougambillia, Motherwort & Rose

Breathe Deep · Medicinal Tea Blend

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