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Supercharge your immune system with this daily tincture.


About the Formula


Turkey Tail is an anti-cancerous mushroom & has been known to reverse even late-stage cancers. I foraged for this turkey tail mushroom from the land I live on. 


Reishi is the Mushroom of immortality in Chinese Traditional Medicine. It helps clean the blood, supports the health of the heart. I found this mushroom on the Spring Equinox '22 in the forest on some very sacred land in the Olympic Pennisula of the Salish Sea. 


Oregon Grape Root is a native plant from our local ecosystem & the most potent anti-viral! I used Oregon-grape throughout the Pandemic & never got sick. 


Mullein is an expectorant (helping to purge mucus & infection from the body.) It helps to open the lungs & can help to moisten scratch throats, & make coughs more effective. It also helps to bring the spirit a sense of deeper calm & centeredness. 


Schizandra Berry is another powerful ally with many benefits. It can strengthen kidney function helping to cleanse the blood & balance fluids levels in the body. It can increase stamina, help with insomnia & & diarrhea.


Hibiscus helps to increase vital life-force. It is cooling & nourishing - helping to soothe hot & feverish conditions. It can help with colds, coughs & chest problems. Hibiscus cleans & builds the blood, reducing cholesterol. Also it aids in digestion, & can soothe sore or inflammed mucous membranes - such as a scratchy sore throat.



Ingredients: Wildcrafted Turkey Tail, Wildcrafted Salish Reishi, Oregon Grape Root, Mullein, Schizandra Berry, Hibiscus Flowers, Vodka, Brandy.


Recommended Use: Take 1-2 droppers as needed. Dilute in water, tea, or ingest directly.

Immune Boost · Potion

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