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Mullein is a POWERFUL ally. 


Physcially, Mullein is wonderful for coughs & congestion & is specifically helpful for bronchitis & deep lung infection. Mullein highly regarded for its support in eliminating phlegm, mucus & general pollution from the respiratory tract. It is also moistening so it can help with soothing sore throats. 


Spiritually, Great Mullein is a powerful peace medicine. Great Mullein is a zen master! It is an ally for helping you center yourself, & stand strong & upright in your spirit. It helps to anchor your energetic center of gravity deeper & lower in your physical & energetic body. It infuses your spirit with a quiet confidence & grounded humble pride. Great Mullein helps us with gentle strength, courage & optimism. It helps us to open our hearts, breath deeper & stand in peacefully in our center, rooted, calm & loving. 

Mullein Ticture

Expect to ship in 5 weeks
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