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This tea blend has been formulated to support men in experiencing their full virility, strength & sexual aliveness. This activating & nourishing tea blend will support your sex drive, aid in physical arousal, & help to replenish your vital nutrients (which can be depleted through ejaculation). It will also support your prostate health, blood flow & circulation, as well as your physical & spiritual heart. 



This tea can be had in the morning to give your day a strong infusion of drive & energy. Or if you would like support in your intimate experiences to have increased stamina & ease of physical arousal, prepare this tea 15 minutes - 1 hour before sexy time. Simmer this tea with a lid for 3 minutes for maximum benefit & best taste. Strain & add honey to taste.



Yohimbe Bark, Schizandra Berry, Nettles, Hawthorne Leaf & Flower, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla, Ashwagandha


NOTE: Every body is different & this tea may induce erection, so it is recommended that you test this tea out in an appropriate environment to learn how these herbs can best support you. 

Sexual Fire • Male Fertility Tea

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