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Spiced Rose · Medicinal Honey

for the heart


Raw Local Honey from Granite Falls infused with double-strength rose extract. This beautiful honey is rich with herbs to support your physical & spiritual heart & your cardiovascular health. The rose flavor is very subtle & gently spiced. This honey is rich with herbal goodness for the heart.


Rose is the archetypal flower of the Divine Feminine, & carry the energy of Divine love. Energetically, roses are associated with Purity, Innocence, Romance, Beauty, & the Heart Chakra. Medicinally, roses are cooling & astringent, and are used for blood purification, blood & heart related issues, as an aphrodisiac, & for its calming, anti-inflammatory effects.


Hawthorn is also anti-anxiety & a powerful plant ally for the heart. During the Middle Ages, hawthorn was used to treat dropsy, a condition that's now called congestive heart failure. Hawthorn has also been shown to support folks dealing with various forms of heart disease. It helps ease high blood pressure, & on a spiritual level Hawthorn is a powerful medicine for creating loving boundaries & honoring oneself - one's truth with love, wisdom & inner strength.


Motherwort has long been considered a heart remedy. Also called 'amor mío' - "my love" in Spanish & is associated with the archetype of the Divine Mother. It is often used to strengthen the heart, to treat palpitations, and soothe an agitated or nervous heart. It is antispasmodic & mildly sedative, promoting relaxation rather than drowsiness.


Cinnamon is used to regulate blood sugar levels, and increase circulation, & offers the body a gentle warming sensation. Cinnamon is supportive for those with diabetes.


Hibiscus helps with our vibrancy & vital life force energy. It helps to strengthen the emotional & physical heart, clean & purify the blood, reduce blood pressure & balance fat content in the blood (cholesterol). Spiritually this plant is connected to strength, confidence & radiance.


Clove is a spicy herb that supports our circulation so that the medicine in this blend gets where it needs to go. Cloves also help with our masculine (yang) life force energy. Spiritually this plant is connected to courage & passion.


Sarsaparilla is a mildly spicy herb can be used to help clean the blood & treat blood infections, supports the liver & kidneys, & has a sensual aphrodisiac quality.  


Suggested Use: Add a teaspoon daily to your morning or evening tea. Put some on your toast or use in your baked goods. 



Local Honey, Rose, Hawthorn Leaf & Berry, Motherwort, Cinnamon Chips, Hibiscus, Clove, Sarsaparilla, Brandy. 


5.2 oz jar 

Spiced Rose · Medicinal Honey

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