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Trauma Healing Potion

for the heart & nervous system


This herbal blend has 3 powerful herbs.


Kava Kava is the starplayer in this blend - a traditional polynesian plant used as a peace medicine. It was used when disputes needed to be settled, & when couples were in conflict. It is a powerful relaxant that quiets the mind, and gently drops you into your body. It can relieve pain, aches & cramping in the body, and can help you slow down & regulate your breathing. 


Motherwort has long been considered a heart remedy. Also called 'amor mío' - "my love" in Spanish. Motherwort is associated with the archetype of the Divine Mother. It is often used to strengthen the heart, to treat palpitations, and soothe an agitated or nervous heart. It is antispasmodic & mildly sedative, promoting relaxation rather than drowsiness. Motherwort has a stimulating & tonifying effect on the uterus, helping with heavy menstruation, postpartum bleeding & womb pain. The motherwort found in Germany is an old folk remedy for nervousness, sleeplessness, & anxiety.


Hawthorne is also anti-anxiety & a powerful plant ally for the heart. During the Middle Ages, hawthorn was employed for the treatment of dropsy, a condition that's now called congestive heart failure. The first study on hawthorn, published in 1896, reported on 43 patients suffering from various forms of heart disease who were treated with hawthorn with promising results. It helps ease high blood pressure, & on a spiritual level Hawthorne is a powerful medicine for creating loving boundaries & honoring oneself - one's truth with love, wisdom & inner strength.


This medicine will help your nervous system relax & unwind, while providing increased blood flow & emotional support to the heart. Note, this is a bitter medicine, but it is a powerful one that will help ground you in times of crisis, conflict & high stakes situations. It can also help with bouts of PTSD. 


Dosage - Take 3 deep breaths, & ingest 1 dropper as needed to soothe acute stress, anxiety, panic, fear, triggers, & flight/flight responses. If you are in the midst of an extreme experience, you can take 2 droppers, or, you can wait 15 minutes - 30 minutes - 1 hour, to have another dropper. Follow your intuition & use responsibly.  


Ingredients: Kava Kava, Motherwort, Hawthorne Leaf, Berry & Flower, Alcohol. 


Trauma Healing · Potion

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