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Infused with exquisite flowers that emanate the essence of True Beauty, this enchanted body oil was prepared on the Leo New Moon, infused by the Leo sun, in a rose quartz grid. 




Rose Petals, Blue Lotus Flowers, Calendula Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, & Grapeseed Oil. 



Rose is the archetypal flower of the Divine Feminine, of compassion, sensuality & divine love. She nourishes our skin, our tissues and our hearts.

Blue Lotus is the flower of enlightenment, elegance, enchantment, & True Beauty. She supports our lymphatic system, & moves stagnant energy. She enchants our aura, & helps us to alchemize the dense and dark spiritual material so that we may Blossom in our full luminousness. 

Calendula is a golden flower of radiance, positivity, brightness. She gives us permission to glow, nourishing our skin, purifying our aura, & uplifting our spirit. She boosts our solar energy and infusing us with the light and love of the Sun and cosmic father.

Hibiscus is a ruby red flower exuding bold beauty, lusciousness, & vivaciousness. She is an enchanting flower of the heart, cleansing & purifying the blood 🩸, strengthening our heart and vitality. 

Soak up the essence of these powerful flowers,
in your own delicious self-love ritual.

8.5 fl.oz.

True Beauty • Ritual Oil

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