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This blend is formulated to support those of us, healing from sexual trauma. This blend has gorgeous vibrant orange Calendula - grown by a local permaculture herbalist in Bellingham. Calendula is anti-bacterial, is good for infections and is a powerful spiritual cleanser. It is a flower of renewal & brings brightness to dark stagnant places. 


Then there is Rose.  the flower of the divine feminine - as archetypal flower of the womb. Roses represent the divine feminine, compassion and radiant beauty, erotic innocence, and boundaries. Energetically it helps to cool & soothe areas of excess heat which can be caused by anger or rage that may be held in the body. 


This blend also has Hawthorne - a plant in the rose family that is a particularly powerful boundary medicine. Hawthorne grows with long thorns that protect its flowers. It says “Yes, you may touch me, admire me, but come with care, and presence. Respect me.”… 


Then I added some chamomile to soothe and calm, some red clover for sweetness, gentlessness, cleansing and vitality, and some Red Raspberry Lead also for cleansing & vitality. 


Small bags are good for about 2-3 steams.

Large bags are good for about 8-12 steams.


Prepared with so much love.  May the wombs of the world be healed, nourished, respected and loved.

Yoni Steam

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